debian: git-build-package config
[debian/dhcpd-pools.git] / src /
2011-04-11 Sami Kerolashared network names to be dynamically allocated
2011-04-10 Sami Kerolamake range allocation dynamic
2011-04-09 Sami Kerolaclean_up: checking errno at exit does not make sense
2011-04-05 Sami Kerolagetdata: increase max number of shared networks
2011-03-23 Sami Keroladhcpd-pools.h: portable program_invocation_short_name
2011-03-19 Sami Kerolaflose files & free memory when not needed
2011-03-19 Sami Kerolagetdata.c: initialize variables to have safe values
2011-03-19 Sami Keroladhcpd-pools.h: indentation fix
2011-03-19 Sami Keroladhcpd-pools.h: function attributes declarations
2011-02-12 Sami Kerolafix to safe_strdup prototype.
2011-02-08 Sami KerolaINSTALL file is unnecessary
2011-02-08 Sami KerolaAllow xml output with leases to use output file
2011-02-08 Sami KerolaCopyright notice change to GNU license 3
2011-01-22 Sami KerolaDo not analyze if sort field selector is rubbish.
2011-01-22 Sami Kerolaposix_fadvice advice parameter change
2011-01-22 Sami KerolaImpossible to reach sections removed
2011-01-22 Sami KerolaNot a syscall error, warn should be warnx.
2011-01-22 Sami KerolaUse what libc will provide
2011-01-22 Sami KerolaOptimization on basis of gcov
2011-01-22 Sami KerolaThe xml output is dirty and marked as FIXME
2011-01-22 Sami KerolaArithmetic comparisons to be same way around
2011-01-22 Sami KerolaFix to range dynamic-bootp specifier
2011-01-21 Sami KerolaAfter fopen in ouput ioctl does like /dev/null which... v2.13
2011-01-21 Sami KerolaProper .gitignore files
2011-01-21 Sami KerolaRest of the automake file deletions.
2011-01-21 Sami KerolaImport from release candidate 2.13.