Adds jQuery collection to objects that will be used as global events context if provi...
[jquery.git] / .gitignore
2009-12-10 John ResigAdding .DS_Store to Git ignore.
2009-12-10 John ResigIgnore html files living in the main directory (likely...
2009-11-30 jeresigSwitched from using Git Submodules to just doing a...
2009-11-30 jeresigIgnore diff and patch files.
2009-11-15 John ResigHide the .settings file in the gitignore.
2009-11-15 Kim DalsgaardIgnoring src/selector.js (build) and Emacs backup files
2009-10-23 John ResigWe don't want to filter out the qunit file.
2009-07-16 Yehuda KatzAdded gitignore for people using git-svn