Tagging the 1.5rc1 release.
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2010-10-10 jeresigAdding some rooted-find perf tests.
2010-10-10 jeresigSwitch back to using Sizzle.matchesSelector.
2010-10-10 jeresigAlso test for single element filtering.
2010-10-10 jeresigAdding a basic filter perf test suite.
2010-10-10 jeresigMake some more tweaks to the closest perf test suite.
2010-10-10 jeresigSome improvements to the closest perf tests - works...
2010-10-10 wycatsShould improve performance of closest considerably...
2010-09-17 John ResigAdded in some .css() setter perf tests as well.
2010-09-17 John ResigAdding a simple file for doing .css() performance testing.
2010-06-20 John ResigExpose jQuery.uuid (use with caution) and make sure...
2010-06-15 jeresigTweak spacing from last commit.
2010-04-24 John ResigExpose jQuery.uuid (use with caution) and make sure...
2010-02-05 jeresigAdd in a test for testing the performance of event...
2010-02-05 jeresigUpdate benchmark basis file to jQuery 1.3.2.
2010-02-05 jeresigReformat benchamrk function.
2009-07-24 Ariel Fleslerspeed: adding a benchmark() function
2009-07-24 Ariel Fleslerspeed: misc changes to the top comment
2009-07-24 Ariel Fleslerspeed: committing a failing experiment of concat vs...
2009-03-22 Brandon Aarondecoupling styles retrieval from the attr method