2004-02-06 krammfixed usage
2004-02-06 krammGenerated from configure.in
2004-02-06 krammsmall fixes
2004-02-06 krammremoved stray \n
2004-02-06 krammVersion is now 0.5.0
2004-02-06 krammGenerated from configure.in
2004-02-06 krammfor doc for -T option
2004-02-06 krammfixed bug
2004-02-06 krammfixed doc for -T option
2004-02-06 krammSTRIP is now again properly disabled if --enable-debug...
2004-02-06 krammbrought up to date
2004-02-06 krammfix for segfault in LoadT1Font if the fontname is not...
2004-02-06 krammadded check to catch missing .flash headers
2004-02-06 krammupdated
2004-02-06 krammadded tests
2004-02-06 krammcolon (:) can no longer be part of an expression
2004-02-06 krammadded ratio to put commands
2004-02-06 krammdocumentation file for avi2swf
2004-02-06 krammtool for generating man pages and --help output
2004-02-06 krammadded doc target
2004-02-06 krammupdated/corrected documentation
2004-02-06 krammupdated/corrected documentation
2004-02-06 krammdocumentation file
2004-02-06 krammadded missing file
2004-02-05 krammonly enable -Winline together with -O<n>
2004-02-05 krammfix for closing unclosed shapes automatically
2004-02-05 krammswf_LoadFont() now returns more quickly if the file...
2004-02-05 krammseveral small fixes
2004-02-05 krammfixed graphics bug
2004-02-05 krammfixed compiler warnings
2004-02-05 krammGenerated from configure.in
2004-02-05 kramm#include <string.h>
2004-02-05 krammadded 'generated' target
2004-02-05 krammadded generated files in lib/action
2004-02-05 krammadded --enable-warning parameter, fixed test calls...
2004-02-05 krammtest a = b instead of test a == b
2004-02-05 kramm* Check for avifile-config before using it\r* write...
2004-02-04 kramminclude memory.h
2004-02-04 krammallow to disable L.A.M.E.
2004-02-04 krammrenamed USE_FREETYPE to HAVE_FREETYPE
2004-02-04 kramm* renamed USE_FREETYPE to HAVE_FREETYPE\rmp3 support...
2004-02-03 krammwrites more debug messages now
2004-02-03 krammgcc 2.95.4 fixes
2004-02-03 krammadded gradients and :-.end-blocks stuff.
2004-02-02 krammadded files in lib/action
2004-02-02 krammfixed bug in font name setting
2004-02-02 krammremoved test and main from all
2004-02-02 krammBrought up to date
2004-02-02 krammGenerated from configure.in
2004-02-02 krammadded lib/action/Makefile to FILES
2004-02-02 krammadded ../lib/librfxswf.a dependency
2004-02-02 krammadded swfc and font2swf to clean target
2004-02-02 krammadded stuff in action/
2004-02-02 krammremoved listaction.o from compiled objects.
2004-02-02 krammadded swf_ActionCompile function
2004-02-02 krammAdded ActionScript support
2004-02-02 krammfree action on exit
2004-02-02 kramminitial revision
2004-02-02 krammActionCompiler interface
2004-02-02 krammming library replacements.
2004-02-02 krammfile copied from ming 0.3alpha2
2004-02-02 krammnew function swf_RelocateDepth().
2004-02-02 krammadded depth relocating.
2004-02-01 krammfont loading is now done via swf_LoadFont()
2004-02-01 krammswf_LoadFont now also loads SWF fonts
2004-02-01 krammInclude ../config.h
2004-02-01 krammsmall fixes.
2004-02-01 krammtest for bcopy and bzero and supply replacements if...
2004-02-01 krammadded Gentoo MingW support.
2004-02-01 krammThe "file not found" error message is now a little...
2004-02-01 krammadded swf_LoadFont().
2004-02-01 krammadded missing files, moved font2swf from pdf2swf/ to...
2004-02-01 krammadded have_t1lib flag
2004-02-01 krammremoved man page font2swf.1.
2004-02-01 kramm-x and -y now take (float) pixel coordinates, not twips.
2004-01-31 krammremoved font2swf.cc.
2004-01-31 krammadded font2swf.
2004-01-31 krammmoved to ../src/font2swf.c.
2004-01-31 krammmoved from ../pdf2swf/font2swf.cc, rewritten.
2004-01-31 krammadded glyphnames tag.
2004-01-31 krammimplemented LoadT1Font().
2004-01-31 krammadded load/save support for glyph names.
2004-01-31 krammadded chapter about fonts.
2004-01-31 krammadded more info about InitAction.
2004-01-31 krammswf_SetSoundStreamBlock now takes four parameters.
2004-01-31 kramm"verbose" is not static anymore.
2004-01-31 krammsome fixes, added "verbose" constant.
2004-01-31 krammmoved drawer stuff to ../drawer.c.
2004-01-31 krammremoved some unused code
2004-01-31 krammremoved MAX_CHAR_PER_FONT, made TTF support work.
2004-01-31 krammadded gmon.out to clean target
2004-01-31 krammadded gmon.out to clean target
2004-01-31 krammInitial revision- not really working yet
2004-01-31 krammFlash 7 tag names added
2004-01-31 krammadded swfdraw and swffont modules, added Flash 7 tags.
2004-01-31 krammoptimized spline conversion.
2004-01-31 krammChangd SWFDRAWER to abstract drawer_t
2004-01-29 krammfix for flash player 63 byte bug.
2004-01-24 krammadded -S (--stop) parameter.
2004-01-17 kramminitial revision.