2002-01-13 krammadded lib/modules/swfsound.c
2002-01-13 krammlink against lib/librfxswf.a, not lib/rfxswf.o.
2002-01-13 krammAdded sound module.
2002-01-13 krammBrought up to date
2002-01-13 krammGenerated from configure.in
2002-01-13 krammmp3 extraction added.
2002-01-13 krammlink against ../lib/librfxswf.a, not ../lib/{rfxswf...
2002-01-13 krammtabs: 4->8
2002-01-13 krammfixed sound.
2002-01-13 krammonly write the init header once per SWF.
2002-01-13 krammExample file for sound generation.
2002-01-10 krammwrite sound data information
2002-01-10 kramminitial revision
2002-01-10 krammlog() is now static, as it collides with math.h.
2002-01-10 krammthe system backtick checker now 'test's, not 'echo's.
2002-01-10 krammadded README, AUTHORS and COPYING for bladeenc.
2002-01-10 krammFrom the bladeenc package.
2002-01-10 krammremoved automake stuff & added correct dependencies
2002-01-10 krammadded the bladeenc directory
2002-01-10 krammadded bladeenc (for mp3 compression)
2002-01-10 krammthis was a testfile which slipped in here accidently.
2002-01-10 kramm* added subdir bladeenc
2002-01-10 krammThis makefile just creates an AR archive.
2002-01-10 krammVersion 0.94.1 of the bladeenc mp3 encoder
2002-01-09 krammmore solaris fixes
2002-01-09 krammsmall bugfix in GET16
2002-01-09 krammadded functions GET16, GET32, PUT16, PUT32
2002-01-09 krammsolaris fixes.
2002-01-09 krammyet more big endian fixes
2002-01-09 krammbus error fixes
2002-01-09 krammBrought up to date
2002-01-09 krammGenerated from configure.in
2002-01-09 krammbig endian fixes.
2002-01-09 krammmore big endian fixes
2002-01-09 krammremoved one wrong SWAP16
2002-01-09 krammwhen disabling jpeg2swf, make also a "clean" target.
2002-01-08 krammset dpi to 72.
2002-01-07 krammBrought up to date
2002-01-07 krammGenerated from configure.in
2002-01-07 krammbus error/big endian fixes
2002-01-07 krammyet more big endian/solaris fixes. (especially the...
2002-01-07 krammseveral big endian fixes
2002-01-07 krammadded source code for PreLoaderTemplate
2002-01-07 krammBrought up to date
2002-01-07 krammimplemented picture cache. still pictures are now much...
2002-01-07 kramm* jpegtables handling
2002-01-07 krammmore big endian fixes
2002-01-07 kramm* some endianess fixes
2002-01-05 krammWrite output directly to disk
2002-01-05 krammnew functions swf_WriteHeader, swf_WriteTag
2002-01-05 krammnew function swf_WriteHeader
2002-01-05 krammgenerated by PreLoaderTemplate.c
2002-01-05 krammmake png extraction dependent on whether the system...
2002-01-05 krammBrought up to date
2002-01-05 krammimproved byte order handling
2002-01-05 krammAdded PNG extraction feature.
2002-01-05 krammcan now extract jpeg images (into jpeg files).
2001-12-21 krammfixed system() backtick checking
2001-12-21 krammonly install default_{loader,viewer} if there's not...
2001-12-21 krammspeedup in logf and some error checking included.
2001-12-21 kramminstall into right directory (swftools/swfs) and make...
2001-12-19 krammadded "loading" message below the logo.
2001-12-18 krammhandle FREECHARACTER tags.
2001-12-18 kramm* added hex output
2001-12-17 krammadded swfs/PreLoaderTemplate.c
2001-12-17 krammadded PreLoaderTemplate.c
2001-12-17 krammcreated from simple_viewer.c
2001-12-17 krammset initial subtitle to "", not "...".
2001-12-17 krammcompile simple_viewer.c and create simple_viewer.swf...
2001-12-17 krammadded simple_viewer.c
2001-12-16 krammstore named links in a variable.
2001-12-16 krammstore named links in swf, too.
2001-12-16 krammadded EditText handling.
2001-12-16 krammgenerates simple_viewer.swf.
2001-12-16 krammfix: with -bl, the dimensions weren't right. release-0-2-1
2001-12-16 krammadded preloader/viewer commands
2001-12-16 krammversion is now 0.2.1
2001-12-16 krammBrought up to date
2001-12-16 krammGenerated from configure.in
2001-12-16 krammfixed font path
2001-12-16 krammimproved preloader/viewer linking.
2001-12-16 krammGenerated from pdf2swf_usage.html
2001-12-16 krammGenerated from configure.in
2001-12-16 krammmake soft links to the default viewer/preloader
2001-12-16 krammadded checking whether system() can handle calls like
2001-12-16 krammpass -X,-Y, -r options with preloader/viewer linking...
2001-12-16 krammfixed bug which caused sprite object to be invisible...
2001-12-16 krammbuttons are now visible again. ;)
2001-12-16 krammBrought up to date
2001-12-16 krammGenerated from configure.in
2001-12-16 krammlogf argument names changed.
2001-12-16 krammadded swfs directory
2001-12-16 kramminitial revision
2001-12-16 kramminstall fonts in swftools/fonts
2001-12-16 krammallow preloader and viewer linking.
2001-12-16 krammBrought up to date
2001-12-16 krammfixed font matrix.
2001-12-16 krammimplement --merge, --frame and --stack1 options.
2001-12-16 krammgetidfromtag now also handles the displaylist tags
2001-12-13 krammadded --cat option.