2003-12-27 uid68734fixed the bpp 3 bug reported by Amartyo Banerjee.
2003-12-27 uid68734fixed a typecast bug.
2003-12-27 uid6873444100 is now an allowed frequency, too.
2003-12-27 uid68734* fixed 32 bit decoding bug.
2003-12-27 uid68734added info about the mailing-list.
2003-12-03 krammadded lib/modules/swfdraw.c.
2003-12-03 krammchanged .swf to .flash.
2003-12-03 kramm.swf is now called .flash.
2003-12-03 krammBrought up to date
2003-12-03 krammGenerated from configure.in
2003-12-03 krammApplied patch from Marcus Doemling-
2003-12-03 krammapplied variable samplerate patch from Marcus Doemling.
2003-12-03 krammApplied patch from Marcus Doemling- blocksize is now...
2003-12-03 krammapplied patch from Marcus Doemling- fix for variable...
2003-11-30 krammadded support for Protect() Tag.
2003-11-30 krammadded MD5 support.
2003-11-30 krammadded password support (ST_DEBUG and ST_PROTECT tags).
2003-11-30 krammadded comments, made non-external functions static.
2003-11-30 krammadded support for protect tag.
2003-11-30 krammFreeBSD MD5 password hashing- initial revision.
2003-11-30 krammadded --mp3-bitrate parameter.
2003-11-24 krammadded -C (--cgi) parameter.
2003-11-19 krammfixed zero coordinate problem in swf_TextSetInfoRecord().
2003-11-19 krammchanged S16 to int, so that SET_TO_ZERO can be used.
2003-11-19 krammadded SET_TO_ZERO, changed some S16s to ints.
2003-11-18 krammfixed segv in case the video file didn't have audio.
2003-11-18 krammpointers which are freed are now cleanly set to 0 after...
2003-11-17 krammstub for the swfbbox manpage.
2003-11-17 kramm* renamed .swf to .flash, .shape to .swf.
2003-11-17 krammadded swf_DumpSWF function.
2003-11-17 krammadded swf_GetJPEGSize() function.
2003-11-17 krammadded "TRACE" debuglevel, removed socket logging code.
2003-11-17 krammadded warning message for broken SWFs.
2003-11-17 krammadded dependency to ../lib/librfxswf.a.
2003-11-17 krammadded more files.
2003-11-17 krammfixed framerate calculation.
2003-11-17 kramm-r now takes a float value, which means frames per...
2003-10-26 krammadded background color support.
2003-09-21 krammfixed --h segfault.
2003-09-18 kramm* removed contains function in taglist
2003-09-15 krammpython interface to rfxswflib - initial draft.
2003-09-15 krammadded swfdraw.c module.
2003-08-30 kramm* improved hex output
2003-08-30 krammprint a more detailed error message for mode 4 images.
2003-08-30 kramm* did some refactoring
2003-08-23 krammimage mode 0 support implemented.
2003-08-15 kramm33added padding, so that sound samples are not chopped...
2003-08-15 kramm33removed the "frame" field in TAG. Keeping this up to...
2003-08-14 kramm33h.263 is now compiled in this Makefile, not h.263/Makefile.
2003-08-10 kramm33added details.
2003-08-08 krammadded (long) GPL headers.
2003-08-08 krammbrought up to date
2003-08-07 krammBrought up to date
2003-08-07 krammGenerated from configure.in
2003-08-07 krammDebian upgrade
2003-08-07 kramm* added new files from ttf2pt1 3.4.3
2003-08-07 krammadded USE_MP3 variable
2003-08-07 kramm* added freetype support
2003-08-07 krammlibtool is a generated file- remove it.
2003-08-07 krammE=$(EXEEXT) shortcut added, for more readable Makefiles
2003-08-07 krammfixed compiler warning about uninitialized variable.
2003-08-02 kramminitial revision
2003-08-02 kramm* renamed logf to msg
2003-08-02 krammbrought parameters up to date.
2003-08-02 krammadded support for audio adjustment.
2003-08-02 krammnew subdirectory: h.263.
2003-08-02 krammadded quant parameter to VIDEOSTREAM struct.
2003-08-02 krammswfvideo.o is now compiled separately.
2003-08-02 krammrenamed strndup to strdup_n.
2003-08-02 kramminitial revision- header file for h263tables.c.
2003-08-02 krammmoved out- the functions in here used to be in swfvideo.c.
2003-08-02 kramm* refactoring
2003-08-02 krammremoved structs already defined in h263tables.h
2003-08-02 krammstrndup is now called strdup_n.
2003-08-02 kramm* added h.263 support
2003-08-02 krammadded extra log messages, fix for OpenOffice PDF problem.
2003-07-29 kramm* some refactoring done in block encoding (split into...
2003-07-29 krammonly the headerfile of h263tables is included now.
2003-07-05 kramm* added remark about gradients
2003-07-05 kramm* fixed mvd range.
2003-07-05 krammbrought up to date.
2003-07-05 krammadded support for --cgi, --samplerate.
2003-07-05 krammfixed clean target (again), added support for $(EXEEXT).
2003-07-05 krammadded support for $(EXEEXT)
2003-07-05 krammresolved conflict with MingW's FIXED type.
2003-07-05 krammfixed clean target- now cleans up all files.
2003-07-05 krammupgraded ttf2pt1 to 3.4.3.
2003-07-05 krammcplusplus handling.
2003-07-05 kramminclude ../../config.h.
2003-07-05 krammsome fixes for font in proba.pdf.
2003-07-05 krammchanged logf to msg.
2003-07-05 krammchanged logf to msg.
2003-07-05 krammadded swfbbox.
2003-07-05 krammfixed --help output.
2003-07-05 krammadded checking for freetype.
2003-07-05 krammadded distclean, .PHONY.
2003-07-05 kramm* added freetype support in ttf2pt1
2003-07-05 krammupgraded to 3.4.3.
2003-06-22 krammenhanced samplerate support.
2003-06-22 krammfixed swf_WriteCGI()