fixed drawlink() ruby callback
[swftools.git] /
2010-02-24 Matthias Krammmade 'make install' install ruby module, too
2009-05-12 Matthias Krammadded performance measurements to splay tree implementation
2009-01-18 Matthias Krammrun make in lib/ two times: before and after lib/pdf/
2009-01-17 Matthias Krammadded lib/pdf to directory targets
2007-05-08 krammremoved directory swftools/fonts
2006-11-19 krammremoved pdf2swf/Makefile
2006-01-16 krammmake "distclean" doesn't anymore remove configure
2004-07-12 krammadded lib/python to directories.
2004-01-31 krammadded gmon.out to clean target
2003-08-07 krammlibtool is a generated file- remove it.
2003-07-05 krammadded distclean, .PHONY.
2003-02-22 krammpmake detection.
2003-02-06 krammremoved cd.. (prevented abort on error)
2003-01-08 krammbugfixes.
2003-01-06 krammMakefile fixes
2003-01-06 krammall Makefiles rewritten.
2002-05-19 krammdependency fixes. xpdf-0-92
2002-04-28 kramm(re)generated with automake --no-deps.
2001-12-16 krammadded swfs directory
2001-10-27 krammremoved stamp-h stuff
2001-10-27 krammripped all the remaining automake self-generating stuff out
2001-10-26 krammremoved Makefile target
2001-10-25 krammgenerated from
2001-10-23 krammgenerated from
2001-10-18 krammInitial revision