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2010-03-22 Matthias Krammuse open64 in bitio if available
2010-02-24 Matthias Krammdarwin fixes
2010-02-24 Matthias Krammmade 'make install' install ruby module, too
2010-02-24 Matthias Krammdetect ruby in configure script
2010-02-07 krammfixed win32 compilation, added missing files to tarball
2010-01-17 Matthias Krammimplemented .swc import
2010-01-09 Matthias Krammfixed format warnings
2010-01-09 Matthias Krammfixed compiler warnings
2010-01-08 Matthias Krammconfigure: fixed LDFLAGS passing, added -Wno-write...
2010-01-02 Matthias Krammimplemented asset resolving
2009-12-02 Matthias Krammadded configure check for fftw3
2009-08-24 Matthias Krammremoved opengl autodetection.
2009-08-18 krammimplemented type3 fonts in pdf2pdf, added fontmatrix...
2009-08-15 Matthias Krammadded pdf2pdf tool
2009-08-13 Matthias Krammmade configure clean up after itself
2009-07-31 Matthias Krammhandle filesystems where lowercase(file)==file more...
2009-06-06 Matthias Krammremoved 'optimize_polygons' option, fixed some mem...
2009-06-01 Matthias Krammsmall build system fixes
2009-05-11 Matthias Krammmac os x compile fixes
2009-04-17 Matthias Krammsmall bugfixes, bumped version to 0.9.0
2009-04-05 Matthias Krammfixed bug in l.a.m.e. detection
2009-03-29 Matthias Krammsmall fixes
2009-01-21 Matthias Krammremoved pdf2swf/fonts/
2008-12-19 krammadded (if it exits), check for mmap
2008-10-06 krammfixed bug in poppler #ifdef
2008-09-26 krammreworked SIZEOF #defines
2008-09-26 krammadded libpdf to empty lib/pdf/
2008-07-27 krammapplied external xpdf patch from Patrice Dumas
2008-07-13 krammconfigure option for external libart (patch from Patric...
2008-07-11 krammadded opengl check
2008-07-08 krammconfigure lame objects in lib/Makefile instead of in...
2008-06-19 krammdon't generate wx/Makefile
2008-06-10 krammadded AH_TOP and AH_BOTTOM for autoreconf
2008-06-09 krammAC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED patch from Patrice Dumas
2008-05-08 krammadded sys/time.h sys/resource.h malloc.h getrusage...
2008-04-05 krammadded some checks needed for gocr
2008-04-05 krammmoved lib/swf/Makefile to lib/readers/
2008-03-26 krammput fontconfig check in again
2008-01-09 krammwin32 compile fixes
2007-12-12 krammfix for compile-time problems
2007-06-07 krammcompletely removed t1lib checks
2007-02-20 krammcompile everything with -fPIC, added Makefile in lib...
2007-01-21 krammadded sizeof stuff
2007-01-21 krammdon't whine if avifile isn't found
2007-01-21 krammzlib is now required
2007-01-21 kramm--enable-debug now adds the -g to the linker
2007-01-17 krammactivate FORTIFY_SOURCE only if warnings are enabled
2007-01-13 krammadded -Wno-unused-value
2007-01-07 krammdisable stripping if "strip" not found
2007-01-06 krammremoved libtool
2006-11-19 krammadded t1lib again
2006-10-30 krammadded -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 flag
2006-06-05 krammcheck for too old gcc
2005-10-15 krammchanged autoconf syntax to 2.13
2005-08-06 krammchanged version to 0.7.0
2005-05-11 dseggcc on Mac OS X claims -fno-rtti shouldn't be used...
2005-02-22 krammadded lib/art/Makefile
2005-02-06 krammlibungif fix: accept only newer versions of the library
2005-02-06 kramm* bumped version to 0.6.3
2005-01-22 krammfixed logging bug in giflib detection
2005-01-10 krammadded check for libgif.
2004-11-25 krammadded AREXT (.a on Unix, .lib on Windows).
2004-11-22 krammadded object extension handling.
2004-11-11 krammAdded --enable-profiling option.
2004-11-07 krammadded MacOS X -shared/-bundle handling.
2004-10-26 krammA missing t1lib.h or libt1 makes no difference. Added...
2004-10-08 krammkeep compiling pdf2swf if t1lib.h is missing.
2004-10-08 krammupgraded version to 0.6.2.
2004-09-20 krammchanged library vfw32 to avifil32.
2004-09-20 krammadded HAVE_AVIFILE #define.
2004-09-20 krammadded checking for vfw, cleaned up avifile checks.
2004-09-06 krammadded fontconfig support.
2004-09-06 krammadded boolean again.
2004-09-02 krammfixed python check.
2004-08-31 krammremoved bool and boolean checks.
2004-08-20 krammversion is now 0.6.1. release-0-6-1
2004-08-14 krammsmall fixes.
2004-08-14 krammremoved ttf2pt1 Makefile.
2004-08-14 krammadded some structure, combined failure messages.
2004-08-14 krammversion is now 0.6.0.
2004-08-14 krammadded support for external lame library.
2004-08-14 krammmoved python checks into m4/python.m4.
2004-07-25 krammfixed python search log output.
2004-07-13 krammfixed SLEXT.
2004-07-12 krammpython interface compilation is now controlled by autoconf.
2004-05-29 krammadded comment about autoconf changes.
2004-05-08 krammuses newer autoconf syntax now
2004-05-07 kramm* added -Wno-redundant-decls to compiler flags
2004-02-22 krammadded checks for time() and time.h
2004-02-06 krammVersion is now 0.5.0
2004-02-06 krammSTRIP is now again properly disabled if --enable-debug...
2004-02-05 krammonly enable -Winline together with -O<n>
2004-02-05 krammadded --enable-warning parameter, fixed test calls...
2004-02-04 kramm* renamed USE_FREETYPE to HAVE_FREETYPE\rmp3 support...
2004-02-02 krammadded lib/action/Makefile to FILES
2004-02-01 krammtest for bcopy and bzero and supply replacements if...
2003-08-07 kramm* added freetype support
2003-07-05 krammadded checking for freetype.
2003-05-08 krammadded check for assert.h, signal.h.
2003-04-06 krammversion is now pre12