moved extern declaration up to prevent compile-time errors.
[swftools.git] /
2003-08-07 kramm* added freetype support
2003-07-05 krammadded checking for freetype.
2003-05-08 krammadded check for assert.h, signal.h.
2003-04-06 krammversion is now pre12
2003-04-04 krammO_BINARY
2003-02-22 krammdisable stripping with --enable-debug.
2003-02-07 krammbetter $prefix support.
2003-02-02 krammsupport for ming, zlib made optional, new command line...
2003-01-08 krammVersion is now 0.3.4; do not add /usr/local/include...
2003-01-08 krammbugfixes.
2003-01-06 krammall Makefiles rewritten.
2002-08-17 krammversion is now 0.4.2.
2002-08-01 krammremoved -Winline. Doesn't work together well with avifi...
2002-07-22 krammversion is now 0.4.1.
2002-07-21 krammthe m4 functions in m4 are now more modular.
2002-06-16 krammVersion is now 0.4.0.
2002-06-06 krammcheckm for bsdtypes and libtool.
2002-05-22 krammversion 0.3.1. release-0-3-1
2002-05-22 krammsystems without t1lib/jpeglib were not able to compile...
2002-05-20 kramm* version is now 0.3.0
2002-05-19 krammnew check SWF_AVIFILE.
2002-05-06 kramm* zlib is now required
2002-04-21 krammcheck for bool.
2002-03-05 kramm* version is now 0.2.3
2002-02-16 krammcleaned up.
2002-01-16 krammVersion is now 0.2.2.
2002-01-14 krammsome shells can't handle
2002-01-10 krammadded the bladeenc directory
2002-01-09 krammwhen disabling jpeg2swf, make also a "clean" target.
2001-12-16 krammversion is now 0.2.1
2001-12-16 krammadded checking whether system() can handle calls like
2001-12-16 krammadded swfs directory
2001-12-13 krammAC_ARG_PROGRAM needs to be called after AC_CANONICAL_SY...
2001-12-13 krammcheck for byte order
2001-12-13 krammadded checking for lrand48/srand48.
2001-12-09 krammadded checking for gzip.
2001-12-09 boehmefixed jpeglib boolean problem
2001-12-04 krammcheck for datatype boolean.
2001-12-03 krammVersion is now 0.2.0
2001-11-23 krammadded Makefile in pdf2swf/ttf2pt1.
2001-11-21 krammversion is now 0.1.2.
2001-11-04 krammversion is now 0.1.1
2001-11-02 krammset version to 0.1.0.
2001-10-29 krammremoved some checks for things we don't use
2001-10-29 krammcheck for sys/types.h
2001-10-29 krammalso disable pdf2swf if zlib.h isn't found
2001-10-29 krammadded check for sys/stat.h
2001-10-28 krammversion is now pre0.1.0. We need the 3rd digit for...
2001-10-28 kramm* removed the checks for X11 and pthread, as they aren...
2001-10-28 krammchange the function in the zlib check to one we actuall...
2001-10-27 krammversion is now pre0.0.3
2001-10-27 kramm* fixed a bug: jpeglib was named xjpeglib for testing
2001-10-27 krammfixed a bug
2001-10-27 kramm* implemented disabling of jpeg2swf if jpeglib isn...
2001-10-27 kramm* explicitly call AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED for PACKAGE and...
2001-10-26 krammremoved automake stuff
2001-10-26 krammdisable pdf2swf/jpeg2swf also if t1lib.h and/or jpeglib...
2001-10-26 krammimplemented disabling of pdf2swf package
2001-10-25 krammmoved AC_EXEEXT downward. It has to be below the compil...
2001-10-23 krammchanged version to 0.0.2
2001-10-23 krammfixed typos.
2001-10-18 krammInitial revision