moved extern declaration up to prevent compile-time errors.
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2003-12-03 krammchanged .swf to .flash.
2003-12-03 kramm.swf is now called .flash.
2003-07-05 kramm* added remark about gradients
2003-04-02 krammadded example for sound, start, stop.
2003-02-24 defont colour changes
2003-02-24 dethese tutorials need to be built with expandsc before...
2003-02-14 krammworking + non-working version are now both in this...
2003-02-12 dea quick tutorial on Pins
2003-02-11 dethe Bugs dir... here it is.
2003-02-09 deanother ghosting exercise
2003-02-09 dean example of trailing ghosts, but not very convincing...
2003-02-08 deextracted sc files from -- these examples...
2003-02-07 kramm*** empty log message ***
2003-02-07 krammrm tmp.html
2003-02-07 kramminitial revision
2003-02-07 krammswfc manual- initial revision.
2003-02-07 krammcomment added.
2003-02-06 kramminitial revision