replaced libart with new polygon code
[swftools.git] / lib /
2009-06-05 Matthias Krammreplaced libart with new polygon code
2009-04-08 Matthias Krammas3: various bugfixes
2009-04-06 Matthias Krammas3: Ast supports brackets now, too. Fixed Math bug...
2009-04-05 Matthias Krammmoved global variables/routines to common.h
2009-02-08 Matthias Krammadded as3/import
2009-02-07 Matthias Krammminor permutation in as3 files
2009-01-28 Matthias Krammadded as3/scripts.c
2009-01-06 krammadded as3 compiler objects
2008-12-19 krammadded as3/builtin.c
2008-11-24 krammadded as3/registry.o
2008-11-23 krammadded as3/opcodes.o, as3/code.o
2008-11-23 krammadded as3/pool.c, removed as3/utils.c
2008-11-12 krammadded as3/ to clean targets
2008-10-20 krammmoved modules/swfabc.c to as3/abc.c
2008-10-19 krammremoved swfscripts again
2008-10-13 krammadded modules/swfscripts.c file
2008-10-13 krammfixed bug in lame/action target
2008-07-13 krammin_source patch from Patrice Dumas
2008-07-11 krammadded opengl device
2008-07-08 krammconfigure lame objects in lib/Makefile instead of in...
2008-05-08 krammdo lame/action compiling here, not in a sub-level Makefile
2008-04-06 krammreaders/swf2.c -> readers/swf.c
2008-04-06 krammcompile readers/swf.c into readers/swf2.o
2008-04-05 krammadded libocr
2008-04-05 krammremoved rfxswf.o -> modules/*.c dependency
2008-04-01 krammlink all files using both gfx and swf into gfxswf.a
2008-03-26 krammremoved swfmorph, made 'make clean' more thorough
2008-03-26 krammfixed order of objects in librfxswf.a
2008-03-26 krammcompile rfxswf modules one by one
2008-03-26 krammarts is now part of libgfx.a
2007-12-12 krammfix for compile-time problems
2007-12-09 krammadded dummy output device to gfxtools archive
2007-09-08 krammfail if pdf build fails
2007-06-03 krammadded gfxwindow rule
2007-05-04 krammalways build devices/arts.o
2007-05-04 krammadded rescale device to libgfx
2007-05-04 krammreshuffled libraries
2007-03-18 krammadded artsutils.c to dependencies
2007-01-21 krammremoved lrf device
2007-01-21 krammadded swffilter.c module
2007-01-17 krammadded new devices
2007-01-06 krammnew gfxdevices records and ops
2006-11-26 krammrenamed ../pdflib target in pdf/ to libpdf
2006-11-19 krammmade target in pdf/ more explicit, to allow for local...
2006-11-19 krammmoved xpdf/ to pdf/
2006-06-16 krammadded arts device
2006-06-05 krammadded libpdf
2006-04-16 krammadded *.lib to clean target
2006-01-06 krammcompile devices/render.o
2005-11-06 krammadded compiling of mem.c
2005-10-15 krammremoved gfxdevice_ prefixes in lib/devices/
2005-10-15 krammadded devices
2005-10-12 krammadded mp3.o target
2005-07-23 krammfixed recursive make bug
2005-04-30 krammadded gfxfont.o target
2005-04-07 krammadded png.o to targets
2005-02-26 krammfixed path to libart.
2005-02-22 krammadded libart compilation
2005-01-21 krammadded os.o
2004-11-25 krammadded $(A) for lib extension.
2004-11-23 krammremoved recursive call to h.263 Makefile.
2004-11-22 krammobject extension is now determined by configure. (...
2004-11-19 krammadded swfrender.c.
2004-10-19 krammfixed endless loop.
2004-08-14 krammmoved lame_objects definition to ../configure.
2004-07-18 krammadded python to clean targets.
2004-05-22 krammfixed h.263 dependencies.
2004-05-11 krammadded dependencies to config.h.
2004-02-04 krammallow to disable L.A.M.E.
2004-02-02 krammadded stuff in action/
2004-01-31 krammadded gmon.out to clean target
2003-11-30 krammadded MD5 support.
2003-09-15 krammadded swfdraw.c module.
2003-08-14 kramm33h.263 is now compiled in this Makefile, not h.263/Makefile.
2003-08-02 krammnew subdirectory: h.263.
2003-05-06 krammmoved ../src/q.{h,c,o}.
2003-01-07 krammbugfixes.
2003-01-07 krammFreeBSD fixes.
2003-01-06 krammMakefile fixes
2003-01-06 krammall Makefiles rewritten.
2002-12-08 krammfixed dependencies.
2002-08-01 krammmore tabs removed
2002-07-12 krammremoved \t characters. MacOS X has a problem with them.
2002-06-14 krammadded swfshape to sources.
2002-06-12 krammmodules/swfshape wasn't in the dependencies. fixed.
2002-06-04 krammmade bitio visible from outside.
2002-05-19 krammdependency fixes. xpdf-0-92
2002-04-28 kramm(re)generated with automake --no-deps.
2002-01-16 krammuse CPPFLAGS in COMPILE, also.
2002-01-14 krammadded CFLAGS to compiler.
2002-01-10 krammremoved automake stuff & added correct dependencies
2002-01-10 kramm* added subdir bladeenc
2001-10-30 boehmerfxswf cleanups: added prefixes and altered structure...
2001-10-30 krammrfxswf.o now get's rebuild if one of the modules got...
2001-10-30 krammfixed target "clean"
2001-10-27 krammremoved stamp-h stuff
2001-10-27 krammfixed dependencies. rfxlib used to get compiled always.
2001-10-27 krammuse the autoconf variables when compiling
2001-10-27 krammripped all the remaining automake self-generating stuff out
2001-10-26 krammremoved Makefile target