fixed a few bugs in remove_font_transforms filter
[swftools.git] / lib / devices / record.c
2010-03-09 Matthias Krammfixed a few bugs in remove_font_transforms filter
2010-03-02 Matthias Krammfixed trivial bug in record device
2010-02-27 Matthias Krammadded filter support to ruby module
2010-02-26 Matthias Krammadded two pass support and device filters to gfx library
2010-01-16 Matthias Krammadded kerning support to record device
2010-01-07 Matthias Krammfixed record device handling of font->{ascent,descent}
2008-12-02 krammfixed a segfault
2008-11-12 krammfixed logging
2008-04-06 krammremoved some debug code, fixed support for recordings...
2008-04-06 krammfixed some memleaks, make sure fonts are only dumped...
2008-03-26 krammenhanced logging
2008-03-19 krammfixed a mem leak
2008-03-12 krammfixed a mem leak
2008-03-12 krammnew function gfxdevice_record_flush()
2007-12-12 krammapplied MSVC compatibility patch from Dwight Kelly
2007-06-28 krammhandle font=0 in drawchar (dummy character passing)
2007-01-07 krammmade functions static
2007-01-06 krammnew devices, for recording drawing operations