fixed a few bugs in remove_font_transforms filter
[swftools.git] / lib / devices / swf.c
2010-03-09 Matthias Krammfixed a few bugs in remove_font_transforms filter
2010-02-18 Matthias Krammadded gfxfont_save() to gfxfont.{c,h}
2010-02-02 Matthias Krammfixed staircase issue with poly2bitmap
2009-12-23 Matthias Krammmoved image rescaler to lib/gfximage.c
2009-12-02 Matthias Krammadded configure check for fftw3
2009-11-29 Matthias Krammadded 'flashtype' option to .font in swfc
2009-11-28 Matthias Krammsmall bugfixes
2009-11-28 Matthias Krammgenerate align zones during postprocessing
2009-11-25 Matthias Krammallow to reset a graphcut graph
2009-11-19 Matthias Krammadded glyph pairing to align zone detector
2009-11-05 Matthias Krammfixed a couple of bugs in alignzone detector
2009-10-30 Matthias Krammadded fontalign polygon detector
2009-10-29 Matthias Krammonly do alignzones for Flash versions able to do subpix...
2009-10-26 Matthias Krammmerged in fontalignzones branch
2009-10-15 Matthias Krammfixed bug in -s invisibletexttofront
2009-10-13 Matthias Krammprefix button names with link type for -s linknameurl
2009-10-13 Matthias Krammsynchronized with downstream git
2009-10-12 Matthias Krammsmall fix in new text selection code
2009-10-12 Matthias Krammadded workaround for broken Flash text selection
2009-10-06 Matthias Krammrefactored font code, added "invisibletexttofront"...
2009-08-26 Matthias Krammimproved pdf output (pdf2pdf, gfx2gfx)
2009-06-05 Matthias Krammreplaced libart with new polygon code
2009-05-26 Matthias Krammsmall code refactoring
2009-05-14 Matthias Krammfixed issue with PDFs that use clipping against huge...
2009-04-17 Matthias Kramm64bit compatibility fixes release-0-9-0
2009-01-23 Matthias Krammfixed mem leaks
2009-01-23 Matthias Krammfixed two mem leaks
2009-01-06 krammSWF are local-with-network by default, now
2008-12-19 krammfixed dotting problem
2008-11-23 krammnew option 'disablelinks'
2008-11-12 krammfixed drawonlyshapes implementation
2008-11-12 krammre-implemented drawonlyshapes
2008-10-19 krammadded flash 9 event support (via linkfunction)
2008-10-13 krammswitched to new avm2 code
2008-10-06 krammuse ascent/descent value from font data instead of...
2008-07-27 krammmade font conversion more robust
2008-07-13 krammremoved libart includes
2008-07-13 krammmade framerate a float
2008-06-19 krammframeresets option
2008-06-09 krammadded option linknameurl
2008-05-22 krammadded simpleviewer doc
2008-05-14 krammremoved jpegdpi and ppmdpi documentation
2008-04-22 krammfixed char position overflow problem
2008-04-22 krammfixed problem of strokes disappearing if they appear...
2008-04-06 krammadded simpleviewer option
2008-04-01 krammfixed font layout code (again)
2008-04-01 krammgive a name to each link
2008-03-26 krammclip all bounding boxes to the page size
2008-03-26 krammswitched from lrand48() to rand()
2008-03-26 krammAdded gradient support. arts functions are now wrapped...
2008-03-17 krammfixed text position overflow problem
2008-03-12 krammtried to fix font layout
2008-03-12 krammtwo more logging messages
2008-03-12 krammremoved faketags option
2008-03-12 krammreworked compression handling logic
2008-01-09 krammwin32 compile fixes
2007-12-12 krammapplied MSVC compatibility patch from Dwight Kelly
2007-12-09 krammflash9 tags implementation
2007-11-09 krammdon't store unused fonts
2007-10-28 krammadded 'help' option
2007-10-21 krammmade advance value fixing less picky
2007-10-21 krammuse definetext2 instead of definetext
2007-10-21 krammadded a few comments
2007-10-14 krammadded showclipshapes option
2007-10-14 krammfixed handling of empty clip shapes
2007-09-09 krammif a clip is empty, draw nothing, instead of (as before...
2007-09-08 krammadded missing const keywords
2007-09-08 krammmade normalize_polygon_options a parameter
2007-08-20 krammadded "linkfunction" shortcut parameter
2007-08-15 krammallow jpegquality to be 101 (=lossless)
2007-08-11 krammadded framerate parameter
2007-06-28 krammhandle font=0 in drawchar (dummy character passing)
2007-06-17 krammreworked font sizing logic
2007-06-07 krammnew config option "animate"
2007-06-07 krammwhen rescaling images, don't omit an image if it's...
2007-04-22 krammrefined log output
2007-03-18 krammfixed bug in cxform filler stub
2007-02-20 krammreordertags option added
2007-02-20 krammadded csmtextsettings for newer swf versions (>=8)
2007-01-21 krammdon't print a warning on each unknown parameter
2007-01-06 krammalways call optimize now
2006-12-02 krammdon't draw shapes with alpha=0
2006-11-26 krammmade id error message more explicit
2006-10-30 krammshortified some log messages
2006-06-16 krammmoved arts related stuff to artsutils.c
2006-06-05 krammfixed page number link bug
2006-04-16 krammadded explicit Action_End() to all links
2006-04-16 krammadded externallinkfunction parameter
2006-04-16 krammoptimized shape generation- omit moveto(0,0)
2006-04-16 krammadded spline->line optimization
2006-04-16 krammnew option disable_polygon_conversion
2006-04-16 krammdon't increase the swfid for shapes which are cancelled
2006-01-06 kramm* id overflow now triggers an exit(1)
2006-01-06 krammtried to fix bad advance values
2005-12-03 krammnew parameter "internallinkfunction".
2005-12-03 krammfixed layout information (leading, ascent/descent)
2005-11-13 krammadded "linkcolor" option
2005-10-15 krammmoved from gfxdevice_*