small bugfixes and memory optimizations
[swftools.git] / lib / gfxpoly / poly.c
2009-05-27 Matthias Krammsmall bugfixes and memory optimizations
2009-05-27 Matthias Krammcompleted transition to smaller polygon struct
2009-05-26 Matthias Krammsmall code refactoring
2009-05-26 Matthias Krammfixed a few minor mem leaks
2009-05-26 Matthias Krammswitched several parts of the polygon processor to...
2009-05-25 Matthias Krammseveral small fixes in polygon code polyok
2009-05-21 Matthias Krammstarted rewriting polygon conversion functions
2009-05-20 Matthias Krammminor bugfixes and speed improvements in polygon inters...
2009-05-15 Matthias Krammsmall speed improvements
2009-05-05 Matthias Krammfirst prototype of splaying active list
2009-05-03 Matthias Krammnew polygon renderer: fixed numerical issues
2009-05-03 Matthias Krammmore bugfixes in new polygon intersector
2009-05-02 Matthias Krammpolygon intersector: performance improvements and bugfixes
2009-05-01 Matthias Krammpolygon intersector: added horizontal line reconstruction
2009-05-01 Matthias Krammpolygon intersector: improved test routines
2009-05-01 Matthias Krammmore improvements to, and bugfixes in, the new polygon...
2009-04-30 Matthias Krammpolygon intersector improvements
2009-04-30 Matthias Krammimproved intersector horizontal line support
2009-04-23 Matthias Krammmany optimizations and bugfixes in the new intersector...
2009-04-22 Matthias Krammfirst version of new polygon intersector