added extension to temp files
[swftools.git] / lib / os.c
2010-03-23 Matthias Krammadded extension to temp files
2010-02-26 Matthias Krammadded two pass support and device filters to gfx library
2010-01-09 Matthias Krammfixed format warnings
2009-02-08 Matthias Krammfixed compiler warnings
2009-02-07 Matthias Krammexport path_seperator
2008-12-19 krammadded memfile
2008-06-09 krammremoved references to ERROR_SUCCESS
2008-05-29 krammset both user and system registry
2007-12-12 krammapplied MSVC compatibility patch from Dwight Kelly
2007-09-09 krammchanged mktempname prototype
2007-09-08 krammadded missing const keywords
2006-11-19 krammadded mktempname function
2006-04-16 krammOn win32, return 0 if installation path isn't set in...
2005-01-22 krammOs specific functions.