fixed memory initialization bug in remove_font_transforms filter
[swftools.git] / lib / pdf /
2010-03-17 Matthias Krammfixed memory initialization bug in remove_font_transfor...
2010-03-17 Matthias Krammalways assume space chars are at 32
2010-03-13 Matthias Krammfixed segfault
2010-03-13 Matthias Krammminor bugfixes
2010-03-12 Matthias Krammalways store detected spaces at unicode 32
2010-03-08 Matthias Krammfixed space char detection for type3 fonts
2010-03-08 Matthias Krammfixed Makefile, removed annoying warning
2010-02-25 Matthias Krammfixed a memleak, made pdf device reorder bad unicode
2010-02-05 Matthias Krammeven more memleak fixes
2010-01-21 Matthias Krammremoved debugging printf
2010-01-21 Matthias Krammkerning table fixes
2010-01-16 Matthias Krammadded kerning to fonts
2009-12-01 Matthias Krammfixed text selection with alignzones
2009-10-26 Matthias Krammfinetuned space char detection
2009-08-20 Matthias Krammfixed segfault in new space detection code
2009-08-19 Matthias Krammimplemented '-s detectspace' functionality
2009-01-22 Matthias Krammfixed a mem leak
2009-01-22 Matthias Krammmake sure gfxfonts are only created once
2009-01-21 Matthias Krammremoved a useless log message
2009-01-17 Matthias Krammadded text field and jpeg counting
2009-01-16 Matthias Krammmoved gfxfont creation from GFXOutputDev to InfoOutputDev
2008-12-02 krammprotect against broken fonts
2008-10-06 krammreplaced advance sample median by maximum
2008-10-06 krammadded median advance detection
2008-07-27 krammapplied external xpdf patch from Patrice Dumas
2008-07-08 krammcount number of polygons
2008-03-12 krammfixed a mem leak
2008-01-09 krammwin32 compile fixes
2007-10-21 krammfixed italic font handling
2007-10-21 krammsmall bugfixes
2007-10-21 krammadded type3 char handling
2007-10-20 krammdon't split tiling pattern fills
2007-10-20 krammreworked font backend
2007-09-09 krammremoved experimental splash code (not compatible with...
2007-09-09 krammadded experimental splashoutputdev code
2006-11-26 krammadded drawMaskedImage, drawSoftMaskedImage, call functi...
2006-11-19 krammmoved from ../xpdf/