added '-s zoomtowidth' option to pdf2swf
[swftools.git] / lib / pdf /
2009-05-28 Matthias Krammadded '-s zoomtowidth' option to pdf2swf
2009-04-12 Matthias Krammpdf2swf: added support for print mode (-s asprint)...
2009-02-02 Matthias Krammfixed segfault with -s multiply
2009-01-23 Matthias Krammre-added copy check
2009-01-23 Matthias Krammre-added copy check
2009-01-22 Matthias Krammpass per-document parameters to the output device, too
2009-01-22 Matthias Krammfixed a mem leak
2009-01-17 Matthias Krammadded text field and jpeg counting
2009-01-16 Matthias Kramminitialize outputdev per page, not per document
2009-01-16 Matthias Krammconst char* compiler fixes
2008-07-08 krammre-inserted device parameters
2008-06-19 krammremoved persistent parameter storage
2008-06-19 krammfixed page extraction problem together with gfx module
2008-06-09 krammdon't parse 'fontquality' as a font
2008-05-14 krammadded new function finishPage(), to be called after...
2008-04-14 krammadded more documentation to -s help
2008-04-06 krammremove parameter listing upon cleanup
2008-04-05 krammfixed mismatched free/delete
2008-03-26 krammfixed typos in -s help
2008-03-19 krammfixed mem leak
2008-03-19 krammremoved DummyOutputDev reference
2008-03-19 krammadded 'bitmap' option
2008-03-12 krammimplemented gfxsource->destroy
2008-03-12 krammallow to overload old global parameters
2008-02-08 krammmoved the 'PDF disallows copying' to a lower level
2008-02-08 krammremoved default protect call
2008-01-13 krammfixed poly2bitmap parameter switch
2007-12-09 krammimplemented 'multiply' option
2007-11-24 krammfixed 'help' option handling
2007-11-09 krammadded config option poly2bitmap
2007-11-07 krammfixed mem leak
2007-10-28 krammadded new output devices
2007-10-20 krammdestroy globalparams if no pdf is currently open
2007-10-20 krammcreate GFXGlobalParams instead of GlobalParams
2007-10-14 krammprotect against broken info dictionaries
2007-09-09 krammpass xref to InfoOutputDev
2007-09-09 krammchar -> const char
2007-08-15 krammallow set_parameter to set parameters in already open...
2007-05-09 krammadded queryable parameters
2007-05-09 krammfixed syntax error
2007-05-09 krammproper finish pages (close all clipping boxes)
2007-05-04 krammnew function getinfo()
2007-04-22 krammremoved xpdf version switch
2007-03-18 krammxpdf-3.02 fixes
2007-02-20 krammtried to fix links for newer xpdf versions
2007-01-06 krammadded warning message for bad pdfs
2006-11-26 krammadded "pages" parameter
2006-11-19 krammmoved from ../xpdf/