removed a few instances of SWAP32
[swftools.git] / lib / rfxswf.c
2010-03-02 Matthias Krammremoved a few instances of SWAP32
2010-01-09 Matthias Krammfixed format warnings
2009-10-30 Matthias Krammadded fontalign polygon detector
2009-10-26 Matthias Krammmerged in fontalignzones branch
2009-10-13 Matthias Krammfixed bug in SWF parser
2009-10-13 Matthias Krammsynchronized with downstream git
2009-10-08 Matthias Krammcompile pdf2swf with xpdf's wordlist support
2009-10-07 Matthias Krammadded fontalign support in swfdump
2009-08-12 Matthias Krammadded support for hardware-gpu & accelerated-blit heade...
2009-04-23 Matthias Krammmany optimizations and bugfixes in the new intersector...
2009-03-29 Matthias Krammsmall fixes
2009-01-19 Matthias Krammonly write out extra tags if we're not only writing...
2009-01-17 Matthias Krammnew function swf_OpenSWF()
2009-01-15 Matthias Krammgave names to fileattribute bits
2008-12-19 krammremoved bit 31 warning, added swf_ReadABCfile
2008-12-02 krammfixed bugs in ABC datatypes implementation
2008-11-24 krammfixed some bugs in Get/SetU30
2008-11-23 krammadded as3 data types
2008-10-13 krammreworked fileattributes writing
2008-10-06 krammmade extra tag insertion during write() optional
2008-08-21 krammfixed avm3 detection
2008-08-20 krammdon't make files which contain AVM2 Actionscript AVM3
2008-08-20 krammfixed cgi length bug
2008-07-27 krammDeleteTag now takes two arguments
2008-06-19 krammadded measuring of tag sizes
2008-06-09 krammadded a few const modifiers
2008-05-24 krammfixed bug in swf_SetFixed(8)
2008-04-01 krammbe more careful to not insert the ST_REFLEX tag too...
2008-03-26 krammmoved swf_ClipRect from src/swfbbox.c
2008-03-26 krammremoved modules from the compile (added headers for...
2008-03-12 krammreworked compression handling logic
2008-01-09 krammwin32 compile fixes
2007-12-12 krammapplied MSVC compatibility patch from Dwight Kelly
2007-12-09 krammflash9 tags implementation
2007-08-11 krammfixed syntax error
2007-08-08 krammchanged setFixed logic
2007-08-07 krammonly set HASMETADATA for flash 9 files
2007-08-07 krammmake setFixed() work for negative numbers, too
2007-07-27 krammset hasmetadata tag always for SWF's >= 8
2007-07-04 krammadded scenedescription tag
2007-06-18 krammfixed fileversion tag
2007-03-18 krammfixes in gradient parsing
2007-01-21 krammfixes in swf_GetString and swf_GetGradient, added FIXED...
2007-01-17 krammmade getstring respect the tag boundary
2007-01-13 krammadded writing of flash 8 setattributes tag
2007-01-06 krammreader/writer are now typedefs
2006-06-16 krammgenerate long tags for soundstreamblock and definejpeg...
2005-11-06 krammmoved memory handling to mem.c, mem.h
2005-04-29 krammfixed duplicate ST_REFLEX handling
2005-04-01 krammadded some more info to the "out of memory" messages.
2005-02-22 krammfixed png2swf -C bug.
2005-02-05 krammfixed swf_SetPassword() bug.
2004-12-16 krammadded gcc 2.95.x support.
2004-11-17 krammfixed bug in swf_OptimizeTagOrder().
2004-11-17 kramm* fixed swf_CopySWF
2004-11-17 krammadded swf_CopySWF() function.
2004-11-15 krammfixed swf_ExpandRect3().
2004-11-11 krammadded dummy MEMORY_INFO block.
2004-11-08 krammadded handling for incomplete tags during file reading.
2004-11-07 krammremoved debug routines around malloc(0) handling.
2004-11-07 krammlet END tags increase the frame count under special...
2004-11-05 krammadded rfx_realloc().
2004-11-05 krammremoved high-level memory allocation functions from...
2004-11-05 krammnew functions
2004-11-05 krammchanged from malloc to rfx_alloc.
2004-09-14 krammadded overflow checking to swf_SetS16().
2004-09-07 krammfixed bug in frame counter.
2004-08-18 krammfixed typo.
2004-08-18 krammadded swf_ExpandRect3() method.
2004-07-10 krammmoved swf_ResetReadBits from rfxswf.c to rfxswf.h.
2004-05-31 krammfix for DEFINEBITSLOSSLESS short tag bug.
2004-05-22 krammgcc 2.95.* fixes.
2004-05-11 kramm* fixed a bug in swf_GetRGBA
2004-05-03 krammset firstTag to zero in swf_FreeTags
2004-04-08 kramm* removed swf_FoldAllTags function, because it didn...
2004-04-07 krammfixed writer handling, file size calculation in WriteSWF2
2004-04-01 krammframe rate calculation fix from Andrew Mace
2004-03-30 krammadded FoldAllTags method
2004-02-22 krammfixed password functions
2004-02-04 kramm* renamed USE_FREETYPE to HAVE_FREETYPE\rmp3 support...
2004-01-31 krammadded swfdraw and swffont modules, added Flash 7 tags.
2004-01-01 krammadded gradient fill.
2003-11-30 krammadded password support (ST_DEBUG and ST_PROTECT tags).
2003-08-15 kramm33removed the "frame" field in TAG. Keeping this up to...
2003-08-08 krammadded (long) GPL headers.
2003-08-02 krammswfvideo.o is now compiled separately.
2003-06-22 krammfixed swf_WriteCGI()
2003-05-10 kramm* bugfixes
2003-05-04 krammadded swfvideo.c
2003-02-22 kramm* swf_InsertTagBefore
2003-02-14 krammfixes for zlib compression, new function swf_ResetTag.
2003-02-02 krammadded definebitsjpeg3 support.
2003-01-31 kramm* zlib is now optional
2003-01-24 krammnew function isFolded().
2003-01-17 kramm* bugfixes in sprite handling.
2003-01-14 krammnew function swf_OptimizeTagOrder.
2002-07-21 krammimplemented sprite folding/unfolding.
2002-06-16 krammswf_WriteHead didn't return correct size. fixed.
2002-06-13 krammswf_SetRect now handles too big rectangles without...
2002-06-12 krammnew function swf_GetMorphGradient