fixed the bpp 3 bug reported by Amartyo Banerjee.
[swftools.git] / lib /
2003-12-27 uid68734fixed a typecast bug.
2003-12-03 krammApplied patch from Marcus Doemling- blocksize is now...
2003-11-30 krammadded support for Protect() Tag.
2003-11-30 krammadded MD5 support.
2003-11-30 krammadded password support (ST_DEBUG and ST_PROTECT tags).
2003-11-30 krammadded comments, made non-external functions static.
2003-11-30 krammFreeBSD MD5 password hashing- initial revision.
2003-11-19 krammchanged S16 to int, so that SET_TO_ZERO can be used.
2003-11-19 krammadded SET_TO_ZERO, changed some S16s to ints.
2003-11-18 krammpointers which are freed are now cleanly set to 0 after...
2003-11-17 krammadded swf_DumpSWF function.
2003-11-17 krammadded swf_GetJPEGSize() function.
2003-11-17 krammadded "TRACE" debuglevel, removed socket logging code.
2003-09-18 kramm* removed contains function in taglist
2003-09-15 krammpython interface to rfxswflib - initial draft.
2003-09-15 krammadded swfdraw.c module.
2003-08-15 kramm33removed the "frame" field in TAG. Keeping this up to...
2003-08-14 kramm33h.263 is now compiled in this Makefile, not h.263/Makefile.
2003-08-08 krammadded (long) GPL headers.
2003-08-07 krammfixed compiler warning about uninitialized variable.
2003-08-02 krammnew subdirectory: h.263.
2003-08-02 krammadded quant parameter to VIDEOSTREAM struct.
2003-08-02 krammswfvideo.o is now compiled separately.
2003-08-02 krammrenamed strndup to strdup_n.
2003-08-02 kramminitial revision- header file for h263tables.c.
2003-08-02 krammmoved out- the functions in here used to be in swfvideo.c.
2003-08-02 kramm* refactoring
2003-08-02 krammremoved structs already defined in h263tables.h
2003-07-29 kramm* some refactoring done in block encoding (split into...
2003-07-29 krammonly the headerfile of h263tables is included now.
2003-07-05 kramm* fixed mvd range.
2003-07-05 krammchanged logf to msg.
2003-06-22 krammenhanced samplerate support.
2003-06-22 krammfixed swf_WriteCGI()
2003-06-22 krammadded null writer.
2003-05-19 krammbugfix for segfault on rgb2yuv conversion.
2003-05-19 kramm* added gradients to fillstyle struct
2003-05-19 krammglyphs now use CountUBits, which makes textdefines...
2003-05-19 krammbugfixes, cleanups
2003-05-10 kramm* bugfixes
2003-05-08 krammadded truncation of levels.
2003-05-06 krammmoved ../src/q.{h,c,o}.
2003-05-06 krammadded __cplusplus extern "C".
2003-05-06 krammmoved from ../src
2003-05-04 krammoptimized huffman reader.
2003-05-04 krammadded swfvideo.c
2003-05-04 krammmoved into ../rfxswf.h
2003-05-04 krammadded video stuff.
2003-05-04 krammfixed compile bug.
2003-05-04 krammmoved to swfvideo.c
2003-05-04 krammmoved from mkvideo.c
2003-04-30 krammadded fix for 64 byte bug also for swf_SetLossLessBitsI...
2003-04-30 krammadded ShapeSetBitmapRect, fix a bit overflow bug.
2003-04-24 krammremoved whitespace, added some comments.
2003-04-20 krammhalf-pixels, bugfix in sizes
2003-04-17 krammfblock_t > block_t
2003-04-16 krammadded DEFINEMOVIE to define tags
2003-04-16 krammadded DEFINEMOVIE to define tag list.
2003-04-15 krammoptimizations.
2003-04-15 krammadded '0' char for (0,0) mvds.
2003-04-14 krammstatistic generator and motion vector prediction added.
2003-04-14 kramminitial revision.
2003-04-13 krammmoved to lib/h.263, bugfix in width/height parsing.
2003-04-13 krammmoved to lib/h.263, quant is now a parameter, added...
2003-04-13 krammimplemented bit comparison.
2003-04-11 krammfixed YUV.
2003-04-11 krammimplemented difference coding, decoder emulation.
2003-04-11 krammdisplay more quantizer infos, display motion vector...
2003-04-10 krammsome functions converted to oo-style, block difference...
2003-04-10 krammadded mvd_params.
2003-04-09 krammlast version with quantizer change support.
2003-04-08 krammmore verbose error reporting, tables moved into h263tab...
2003-04-08 kramminitial revision
2003-04-08 krammimplemented P-frame stubs.
2003-04-07 krammbugfix: free without malloc in setLosslessBitsIndexed.
2003-04-07 kramminitial revision
2003-04-06 krammadded ratio support swf_SetPlaceObject.
2003-04-06 krammfix for the strange flash player bug
2003-04-06 krammascii art version
2003-04-06 kramminitial revision
2003-04-04 krammmultiple->nomultiple
2003-04-04 kramm* bitrate is now 32 and accessible from the outside
2003-04-02 krammsupport for videoframe
2003-04-02 krammdefinefontinfo2
2003-04-02 krammallow to set sample value
2003-04-02 krammzlib fixes, workaround for buggy(?) flash players
2003-02-22 kramminitial revision
2003-02-22 krammremoved a errorneous warning.
2003-02-22 krammenhanced font dumping information.
2003-02-22 krammallow to set samplerate/channels from outside.
2003-02-22 kramm* swf_InsertTagBefore
2003-02-14 krammfixes for zlib compression, new function swf_ResetTag.
2003-02-14 krammbugfixes, cleanups.
2003-02-07 krammsupport for delay/seek value in soundstreamblock.
2003-02-06 krammfixed for -1 values in ascii2swf (chars without a glyph...
2003-02-06 krammdon't throw an error on empty shapes- those are perfect...
2003-02-03 krammmade failed operations complain to stderr
2003-02-02 krammadded definebitsjpeg3 support.
2003-02-02 krammfixed font advance values.
2003-02-01 krammfix edittext