fixed drawlink() ruby callback
[swftools.git] / m4 /
2010-02-24 Matthias Krammdarwin fixes
2010-02-24 Matthias Krammsmall bugfix in ruby shared library test
2010-02-24 Matthias Krammmade 'make install' install ruby module, too
2010-02-24 Matthias Krammdetect ruby in configure script
2009-12-02 Matthias Krammadded configure check for fftw3
2009-08-13 Matthias Krammmade configure clean up after itself
2009-08-03 Matthias Krammupdated .gitignore, new as3 test cases, build system...
2009-07-31 Matthias Krammhandle filesystems where lowercase(file)==file more...
2009-03-31 Matthias Krammfixed mac os x imaging paths in ./configure
2009-02-12 Matthias Krammpython 2.6 support
2009-01-15 Matthias Krammmoved .cvsignore to .gitignore
2008-07-13 krammmake sure that HAVE_OPENGL isn't accidently defined
2008-07-11 krammopengl check
2008-06-10 krammfixed bug in CPPFLAGS restoration
2008-06-09 krammAC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED patch from Patrice Dumas
2008-04-14 krammtest more of fontconfigs functions
2008-03-26 krammrequire strcasecmp for fontconfig
2007-12-12 krammmade imaging optional
2007-06-18 krammadded python 2.5 support
2006-11-19 krammbugfixes
2006-11-19 krammadded gdi32 to windows libraries
2006-11-19 krammdefined HAVE_FREETYPE_FREETYPE_H
2006-07-15 krammremoved execute check
2006-06-05 krammadded missing ;
2006-06-05 krammcheck for too old gcc
2006-01-06 krammfourcc -> avm_fourcc
2005-09-10 krammdefault to "no" if crosscompiling
2005-01-06 krammMac OS X fixes.
2004-11-23 krammfixed freetype-config detection.
2004-11-23 krammMac OS X fixes.
2004-10-28 krammfor MacOS X, changed -lpython to -framework Python.
2004-10-27 krammfixed MacOS X paths.
2004-10-21 krammseveral bugfixes, added MacOS X detection.
2004-10-15 krammremoved [] characters from test program- m4 would disca...
2004-09-28 krammdon't requite autodetection to succeed if PYTHON_LIB...
2004-09-20 krammadded checking for vfw, cleaned up avifile checks.
2004-09-07 krammfixed bug, added check for 2.95.x gcc.
2004-09-04 kramminitial revision.
2004-09-04 krammfixed condition on when to try the test program.
2004-09-03 krammtried a different approach concerning ft2build.h.
2004-09-02 krammuse FT_FREETYPE_H if we have ft2build.h.
2004-09-02 krammadded handling of ft2build.h.
2004-09-02 krammdon't define pythonrfxswf- let the caller do that.
2004-08-14 kramminitial revision.
2004-06-12 krammfixed some bugs which prevented the Win32 version from...
2004-05-07 kramminitial revision
2004-03-31 krammfixed file order in compiler call
2004-03-21 krammadded a test program
2004-03-12 kramminitial revision
2004-03-07 krammfix for newer avifile versions
2004-02-05 krammtest a = b instead of test a == b
2004-02-05 kramm* Check for avifile-config before using it\r* write...
2004-02-01 krammadded Gentoo MingW support.
2003-05-04 krammalso test whether we can execute the generated file.
2003-04-06 kramminitial revision
2003-04-04 krammdon't create files while installing
2003-02-22 krammpmake detection.
2003-01-19 krammfix for g++ versions which switch into c mode for ...
2002-12-08 krammbugfixes.
2002-07-21 krammsplitted off swf.m4.
2002-07-21 krammg++ -> $CXX $CPPFLAGS $CXXFLAGS
2002-06-06 krammavifile fixes.
2002-06-06 krammused to be ../aclocal.m4.