fixed drawlink() ruby callback
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2009-06-01 Matthias Krammsmall as3 fixes
2009-06-01 Matthias Krammsmall build system fixes
2009-04-17 Matthias Krammsmall bugfixes, bumped version to 0.9.0
2009-03-29 Matthias Krammsmall fixes
2008-11-24 krammremoved lib/modules/swfabc.c
2008-11-24 krammremoved debug code
2008-11-24 krammfixed sizeof detection
2008-04-14 krammadded gocr library
2008-04-01 krammadded jpeg.c
2008-04-01 krammadded swf and image readers
2008-04-01 krammadded better support for custom include_dirs and librar...
2008-04-01 krammif asked to check for FREETYPE_H, don't check for FREET...
2008-04-01 krammadded SWFTOOLS_SYSTEM_PREFIX
2008-04-01 krammpython installer script