fixed mem leaks
[swftools.git] / src / pdf2swf.c
2010-05-18 Matthias Krammfixed mem leaks
2010-03-06 Matthias Krammadded gfxfilter for merging fonts
2010-02-27 Matthias Krammadded filter support to ruby module
2009-12-22 Matthias Krammmore parameter refactoring
2009-10-13 Matthias Krammsynchronized with downstream git
2009-09-01 Matthias Krammmade pdf2swf -I handle external fonts, too
2009-08-25 Matthias Krammapplied getinfo_crash.patch and info_only.patch by...
2009-08-12 Matthias Krammsmall adjustments
2009-06-01 Matthias Krammsmall build system fixes
2009-04-09 Matthias Krammfixed a security bug in logging, added basic xml suppor...
2009-02-11 Matthias Krammfixed 64 bit compile problem
2008-11-23 krammremoved standard query for installation path
2008-11-23 krammif page range is given and % filename syntax is used...
2008-11-12 krammfixed compile error
2008-10-20 krammnew parameters -X,-Y
2008-09-26 krammfixed two typos in error messages
2008-08-21 krammfixed page number overflow
2008-07-08 krammseveral bugfixes
2008-06-19 krammadded file%.swf pattern handling
2008-06-19 krammrewrote manpage/--help
2008-05-08 krammif rendering is aborted due to -Q, print out an error...
2008-05-08 krammdon't set optimize_polygons by default, it's broken
2008-04-06 krammdrop parameters into output device as well as input...
2008-04-01 krammfixed small typo in error message
2008-03-26 krammdon't use --flatten for -O2,3. Turn 'optimize_polygons...
2008-03-19 krammadded -Q option
2008-03-12 krammadded -O option
2008-02-08 krammdon't use mkstemp if the system call isn't avaiable
2008-02-03 krammapplied mkstemp patch from Yunliang Yu
2007-11-09 krammgfxsource now has object-oriented members
2007-10-21 krammalso set -s extrafontdata if -f option is given
2007-10-14 krammadded doc
2007-09-08 krammadded missing const
2007-07-27 krammreworked fontdir logic
2007-05-08 krammdon't set default fontdir- fonts are embedded now
2007-04-22 krammfixed preloader/viewer code
2007-02-20 krammadded missing {
2007-02-20 krammfixed preload/viewer combining (patch from Simon Kauppi)
2007-01-06 krammrenamed arts device into "removeclippings"
2006-11-26 krammset pagerange before conversion (for speedup)
2006-11-19 krammfixed path to pdf.h
2006-10-30 krammadded -I option
2006-06-16 krammadded -G option
2006-06-05 krammadded pdf2swf.c to src/