2010-05-18 Matthias Krammre-diffed xpdf patch with -u
2010-05-18 Matthias Krammfixed jpeg2000 problem
2010-05-18 Matthias Krammfixed mem leaks
2010-05-17 Matthias Krammfixed uninstall
2010-05-17 Matthias Krammadded jpeg3 extraction support to swfextract
2010-05-14 Matthias Krammfixed mem leaks
2010-05-11 Matthias Krammsmall bug in ttf reading
2010-05-09 Matthias Krammminor ttf bug fixes
2010-05-08 Matthias Krammminor compile fixes
2010-05-06 Matthias Krammonly create a unicode2glyph table if explicitly requested
2010-05-06 Matthias Krammfixed font bug
2010-04-28 Matthias KrammRevert "added font combine prototype"
2010-04-28 Matthias Krammsome fixes in rendertest/
2010-04-28 Matthias Krammadded rendertest/ directory
2010-04-27 Matthias Krammbugfixes in jpeg.c
2010-04-27 Matthias Krammadded jpeg_get_size function
2010-04-27 Matthias Krammadded font combine prototype
2010-04-20 Matthias Krammadded gfximage_new() function
2010-04-20 Matthias Krammfixed stroke generation in poly2bitmap
2010-04-17 Matthias KrammOSX bearing fix
2010-04-16 Matthias Krammfixed image splitting code
2010-04-16 Matthias Krammfixed gfxline restitching issue
2010-04-14 Matthias Krammfixed segfault
2010-04-14 Matthias Krammfixed bug in pdf2pdf
2010-04-14 Matthias Krammmore lsb fixes
2010-04-13 Matthias Krammfixed lsb issue
2010-04-09 Matthias Krammadded workaround for state->last_string assertion problem
2010-04-08 Matthias Krammanother bitmap bbox fix
2010-04-08 Matthias Krammfixed bitmap overflow bug in poly2bitmap
2010-04-08 Matthias Krammreworked external font matching logic
2010-04-06 Matthias Krammseed random from ruby interface
2010-04-05 Matthias Krammuse 64 bit operations to update boolean bitmaps
2010-04-01 Matthias Krammfixed segfault in remove_font_transforms filter
2010-04-01 Matthias Krammadded vectors_to_glyphs filter
2010-03-31 Matthias Krammfixed space char detection bug
2010-03-31 Matthias KrammMerge branch 'compact_record'
2010-03-31 Matthias Krammminor speedups/bugfixes
2010-03-31 Matthias Krammbugfixes, parametrized image algorithm in record device
2010-03-31 Matthias Krammbugfixes in png speed optimization
2010-03-31 Matthias Krammpng speed improvement draft
2010-03-31 Matthias Krammadded fastlz support in record device
2010-03-31 Matthias Krammcompress images in record device
2010-03-31 Matthias Krammfixed compiler warning
2010-03-31 Matthias Krammimproved png compression
2010-03-31 Matthias Krammimproved png compression
2010-03-26 Matthias Krammfixed merge conflict
2010-03-26 Matthias Krammfixed memleak, made remove_font_transforms subset the...
2010-03-26 Matthias Krammcompacted chars in record device
2010-03-25 Matthias Krammfixed segfault
2010-03-25 Matthias Krammfixed type3 memory overflow
2010-03-25 Matthias Krammnew parameter addspacechars
2010-03-24 Matthias Krammfixed swfcombine -F
2010-03-23 Matthias Krammfixed ascent/descent bug for ocr fonts
2010-03-23 Matthias Krammadded extension to temp files
2010-03-23 Matthias Krammtreat glyphs with alpha=0 differently than normal glyph...
2010-03-22 Matthias Krammuse open64 in bitio if available
2010-03-22 Matthias Krammfix for zero font ids
2010-03-20 Matthias Krammmade poly2bitmap slightly faster
2010-03-19 Matthias Krammgenerate correct left side bearings
2010-03-19 Matthias Krammfixed poly2bitmap hairline issue
2010-03-18 Matthias Krammfixed bug in poly2bitmap
2010-03-17 Matthias Krammfixed bug in unicode relocation
2010-03-17 Matthias Krammfixed memory initialization bug in remove_font_transfor...
2010-03-17 Matthias Krammfixed 'make clean'
2010-03-17 Matthias Krammdon't drop empty glyphs in poly2bitmap
2010-03-17 Matthias Krammrefactored ttf unicode mapping
2010-03-17 Matthias Krammchanged an error to a warning
2010-03-17 Matthias Krammalways assume space chars are at 32
2010-03-17 Matthias KrammFixed bug in ttf generator.
2010-03-16 Matthias Krammtrivial bug fixes
2010-03-16 Matthias Krammadded internal pdf2jpeg utility
2010-03-15 Matthias Krammfixed segfault when rescaling small images
2010-03-15 Matthias Krammfixed segfault in swfrender
2010-03-13 Matthias Krammfixed segfault
2010-03-13 Matthias Krammminor bugfixes
2010-03-13 Matthias Krammalways preserve space char in filters
2010-03-12 Matthias Krammalways store detected spaces at unicode 32
2010-03-11 Matthias Krammfixed linegap value
2010-03-11 Matthias Krammfont transforms: keep unit transforms the same
2010-03-10 Matthias Krammfill in prep table by default
2010-03-10 Matthias Krammadded gasp,fpgm,prep and cvt tables
2010-03-10 Matthias Krammfixed windows ascent/descent
2010-03-10 Matthias Krammmore bugfixes in font transform code
2010-03-10 Matthias Krammfixes to ttf file format, merged in Mike Lewis name...
2010-03-10 Matthias Krammsmall bugfix in ttf generator
2010-03-10 Matthias Krammfixed bug in previous commit
2010-03-10 Matthias Krammreduced number of fonts
2010-03-09 Matthias Krammdon't regenerate advance values during font transform
2010-03-09 Matthias Krammkeep advances positive when transforming a font
2010-03-09 Matthias Krammoops
2010-03-09 Matthias Krammadded version to gfx module
2010-03-09 Matthias Krammmade font pretransforming always generate points to...
2010-03-09 Matthias Krammfixed a few bugs in remove_font_transforms filter
2010-03-08 Matthias Krammfixed space char detection for type3 fonts
2010-03-08 Matthias Krammfixed Makefile, removed annoying warning
2010-03-06 Matthias Krammstarted implementing the remove_font_transforms filter
2010-03-06 Matthias Krammadded gfxfilter for merging fonts
2010-03-05 Matthias Krammfixed mem leak
2010-03-05 Matthias Krammfixed drawlink() ruby callback
2010-03-04 Matthias Krammfixed os/2 descent