2005-12-03 krammupgraded to xpdf-3.01pl1 xpdf-3-01
2005-12-03 krammapplied diff between xpdf-3.00-orig and xpdf-3.00-swftools
2005-12-03 krammupgraded to xpdf-3.01pl1
2005-12-03 krammadded compilation of SecurityHandler.cc
2005-12-03 krammupgraded to xpdf-3.01pl1
2005-12-03 krammnew parameter "internallinkfunction".
2005-12-03 krammfixed layout information (leading, ascent/descent)
2005-12-03 krammfixed typo in error message
2005-12-03 krammincreased max line split to 64
2005-12-03 krammadded newline capability to swf_SetDefineText().
2005-11-18 krammadded png save support
2005-11-13 krammapplied SVG patch from Magnus Lundin
2005-11-13 krammsome fixes for buggy fonts
2005-11-13 krammadded "linkcolor" option
2005-11-13 krammfixed text field parsing
2005-11-06 krammremoved old stuff in pdf2swf, added lib/mem.c,lib/mem.h
2005-11-06 krammsmall bugfixes
2005-11-06 krammsmall bugfix in drawchar(), removed rfxswf.h references
2005-11-06 krammmoved memory handling to mem.c, mem.h
2005-11-06 krammremoved include of rfxswf.h
2005-11-06 krammremoved rfxswf.h references
2005-11-06 krammmemory handling routines
2005-11-06 krammadded compiling of mem.c
2005-11-06 krammadded workaround for the "couldn't load glyph" freetype...
2005-11-06 krammadded bitmap (render) device
2005-11-06 krammfixed BUTTONSOUND/BUTTONCXFORM parsing
2005-11-06 krammfor move type placeobject, always set matrix and cxform
2005-11-06 krammadded some comments
2005-11-06 krammsmall bugfixes
2005-11-06 krammimproved scaling for monochrome images
2005-10-15 krammadded new items
2005-10-15 krammadded mp3.{c,h}, moved wav.{c,h} to lib/, moved swfoutp...
2005-10-15 krammchanged autoconf syntax to 2.13
2005-10-15 kramm*** empty log message ***
2005-10-15 krammmoved swfoutput.cc to ../lib/devices/
2005-10-15 krammmoved swfoutput.h to ../lib/devices
2005-10-15 krammfixed some error messages.
2005-10-15 krammremoved gfxdevice_ prefixes in lib/devices/
2005-10-15 krammadded devices
2005-10-15 krammmoved from gfxdevice_*
2005-10-15 krammspeedup, changed photo
2005-10-12 kramm*** empty log message ***
2005-10-12 krammmoved wav.h to ../lib
2005-10-12 krammfixed sscanf bug
2005-10-12 krammmoved wav.{c,h} to ../lib.
2005-10-12 krammfixed linewidth rounding
2005-10-12 krammfixed space handling in drawChar()
2005-10-12 krammchanged argument order in read_wav()
2005-10-12 krammstandardized function names
2005-10-12 krammmoved from ../src/
2005-10-12 krammadded mp3.o target
2005-10-12 krammimage tags now have an "image" attribute
2005-10-12 krammnew function rgba_to_image()
2005-10-12 krammadded function for reading images
2005-10-12 krammfixed line width handling
2005-10-12 krammapplied mp3 patch from Joel Yliluoma.
2005-09-18 krammBrought up to date
2005-09-18 krammGenerated from configure.in
2005-09-18 krammadded swf_SaveJPEG() function
2005-09-18 krammremoved swifty section
2005-09-10 krammadded protection against using both --cat and --stack
2005-09-10 krammadded -c --clip option
2005-09-10 krammfixed usage output
2005-09-10 krammfixed preloader rate reading if BACKTICKS isn't set
2005-09-10 krammnew "linktarget" option
2005-09-10 krammadded support for get(..,"width"), get(..,"height")
2005-09-10 kramm* fix for fileVersion and protect parameters
2005-09-10 krammget() now takes a "name" parameter
2005-09-10 krammfixed segv bug in drawChar()
2005-09-10 krammdefault to "no" if crosscompiling
2005-09-10 krammthe antialize parameter in swf_RenderSWF() is now an int
2005-09-10 krammadded implementation for colortransform
2005-09-10 krammdump out a warning if there's an overflow during matrix...
2005-09-10 krammfixed 0.7.0 compilation problem
2005-09-10 krammonly print the "can't scale monochrome image" warning...
2005-09-10 krammantializing is now possible with more subpixels (3x3...
2005-09-10 krammadded "addcut" option
2005-09-10 krammfixed -d (--scale) parameter
2005-09-05 dsegFixed command substitution (`swfdump -XY ...`) handling...
2005-09-05 dsegWin32 fix
2005-08-06 krammBrought up to date release-0-7-0
2005-08-06 krammBrought up to date
2005-08-06 krammGenerated from configure.in
2005-08-06 krammGenerated from configure.in
2005-08-06 krammchanged version to 0.7.0
2005-08-06 krammadded faketags parameter
2005-07-31 krammworkaround for ligature problems
2005-07-24 krammBrought up to date
2005-07-24 krammGenerated from configure.in
2005-07-24 kramm* shapes are now stored relatively to (0,0)
2005-07-23 krammremoved debugging code
2005-07-23 krammlink pages tables are now a part of SWFOutputDev
2005-07-23 krammadded swf_output_preparepage()
2005-07-23 krammfixed off-by-one bug in link handling
2005-07-23 krammcall swf_output_preparepage() in order to get links...
2005-07-23 krammBrought up to date
2005-07-23 krammGenerated from configure.in
2005-07-23 krammgcc 2.95.x fixes
2005-07-23 krammadded swfedit and swf2png stubs
2005-07-23 krammadded -c parameter