ignore overlarge bitmaps
[swftools.git] / lib / pdf / BitmapOutputDev.cc
2010-06-04 Matthias Krammignore overlarge bitmaps
2010-05-19 Matthias Krammfixed link position in poly2bitmap
2010-05-18 Matthias Krammfixed jpeg2000 problem
2010-05-18 Matthias Krammfixed mem leaks
2010-05-14 Matthias Krammfixed mem leaks
2010-04-20 Matthias Krammfixed stroke generation in poly2bitmap
2010-04-08 Matthias Krammanother bitmap bbox fix
2010-04-08 Matthias Krammfixed bitmap overflow bug in poly2bitmap
2010-04-05 Matthias Krammuse 64 bit operations to update boolean bitmaps
2010-03-20 Matthias Krammmade poly2bitmap slightly faster
2010-03-19 Matthias Krammfixed poly2bitmap hairline issue
2010-03-18 Matthias Krammfixed bug in poly2bitmap
2010-03-17 Matthias Krammdon't drop empty glyphs in poly2bitmap
2010-03-17 Matthias Krammchanged an error to a warning
2010-03-05 Matthias Krammfixed mem leak
2010-03-02 Matthias Krammfixed z-order problems in poly2bitmap
2010-02-26 Matthias Krammadded two pass support and device filters to gfx library
2010-02-02 Matthias Krammfixed staircase issue with poly2bitmap
2010-01-28 Matthias Krammfixed hairlines around images w/ poly2bitmap
2010-01-28 Matthias Krammfinished implementing new bounding box logic
2010-01-20 Matthias Krammadded basic support for split up background bitmaps
2009-03-30 Matthias Krammfixed rather nasty bug in pdf2swf -O1
2009-03-29 Matthias Krammfixed bug in poly2bitmap char clip detection
2009-03-29 Matthias Krammsmall fixes
2009-02-11 Matthias Krammfixed nasty overlay detection bug in poly2bitmap
2009-01-19 Matthias Krammremoved debug code
2009-01-16 Matthias Krammchanged from preparePage() to setPageMap()
2009-01-15 Matthias Krammmerged final cvs changes to git
2008-11-12 krammcontinued bounding box implementation
2008-11-12 krammcontinued bounding box implementation
2008-09-26 krammfixed 64 bit compile problem
2008-09-26 krammfix for segfault in case we couldn't extract a glyph...
2008-09-26 krammalign bitmaps properly
2008-09-26 krammif we're inside a transparency group, draw glyphs on...
2008-09-26 krammfixed compiler warning
2008-09-26 krammtried switching 1bit compare code to 64 bit registers
2008-09-26 krammadded workaround for missing graphics bug, added more...
2008-09-26 krammadded bounding box stubs
2008-05-14 krammadded new function finishPage(), to be called after...
2008-04-22 krammfixed double free in path handling
2008-04-06 krammcall endPage of GFXOutputDev *before* flushing all...
2008-03-26 krammremoved debugging code
2008-03-26 krammxpdf-3.02 compatiblity switch
2008-03-19 krammprotect against xpdf's internal state changes in bitmap...
2008-03-19 krammfixed crash and offset error in transparency groups
2008-03-19 krammremoved bitmapfonts setting
2008-03-12 krammswitched logging level from verbose to debug in a few...
2008-03-12 krammswitched a few log levels to <trace>
2008-03-12 krammreworked bitmap/text overlapping texts
2007-12-09 krammadded getVectorAntialias, which is necessary so that...
2007-12-09 krammfixed alpha layer handling, pass vectorAntialias throug...
2007-11-28 krammfixed compile for new xpdf versions
2007-11-19 krammrefined character handling
2007-10-28 krammadded new output devices