made font pretransforming always generate points to the right of the origin
[swftools.git] / lib / gfxtools.c
2010-03-09 Matthias Krammmade font pretransforming always generate points to...
2010-02-26 Matthias Krammadded alpha and font filter drafts
2010-02-18 Matthias Krammfixed restitching bug
2010-02-05 Matthias Krammfixed a mem leak
2010-01-02 Matthias Krammimplemented asset resolving
2009-12-29 Matthias Krammsmall bugfix in matrix printer
2009-12-23 Matthias Krammmoved image rescaler to lib/gfximage.c
2009-12-22 Matthias Krammmore parameter refactoring
2009-08-26 Matthias Krammimproved pdf output (pdf2pdf, gfx2gfx)
2009-08-18 krammimplemented type3 fonts in pdf2pdf, added fontmatrix...
2009-08-16 Matthias Krammbugfixes
2009-08-06 Matthias Krammfixed text selection with --flatten
2009-06-06 Matthias Krammremoved 'optimize_polygons' option, fixed some mem...
2009-06-06 Matthias Krammfixed bevel joins
2009-06-05 Matthias Krammmore bugfixes in stroke code
2009-06-05 Matthias Krammnumerous bigfixes in stroke->polygon conversion
2009-06-03 Matthias Krammadded a new stroke->polygon conversion function
2009-05-26 Matthias Krammfixed a few minor mem leaks
2009-05-25 Matthias Krammseveral small fixes in polygon code polyok
2009-04-06 Matthias Krammpdf2swf: added workaround for broken dashes
2009-01-21 Matthias Krammnew function gfxline_isrectangle()
2008-05-08 krammmade dashing more robust
2008-04-06 krammin gfxfontlist, only skip inserting a font if the font...
2008-03-26 krammnew function gfxbbox_intersect
2008-03-12 krammonly remove fonts in fontlist_delete if requested to...
2007-12-12 krammapplied MSVC compatibility patch from Dwight Kelly
2007-12-10 krammremoved debug code
2007-12-09 krammfixed optimizing of polygons with lines on top of each...
2007-11-19 krammfixed gfxfontlist_free
2007-11-09 krammadded missing include
2007-11-09 krammfixed bug in gfxfontlist_free
2007-11-07 krammset previously uninitialized variables
2007-10-26 krammadded parameter to gfxfontlist_free()
2007-10-20 krammadded gfxfontlist_free
2007-03-18 krammadded gfximage_transform method
2007-01-21 krammfixed gfxmatrix_multiply
2007-01-17 krammtwo new gfxmatrix functions
2007-01-06 krammfontlist structure added
2006-06-16 krammadded gfxmatrix_transform()
2006-01-22 krammautomatically add a moveTo (0,0) to the start of a...
2005-11-06 krammremoved rfxswf.h references
2005-07-23 krammadded quality parameters
2005-05-21 krammoptimized spline approximation
2005-05-08 krammadded gfxline_transform(), gfxline_clone(), gfxmatrix_d...
2005-05-01 krammnew function gfxline_append()
2005-04-30 krammnew function gfxdraw_conicTo()
2005-04-29 krammfixed bounding box bug
2005-04-01 kramm* optimized moveTo
2005-03-25 krammgcc 2.95.x fixes
2005-02-26 kramm* added gfxline_dump implementation
2005-02-22 kramminitial revision.